Welcome to my brand new bibliophile blog!

My name is Morgan and I have had an ongoing love affair with books since a young age.  This blog is to be a pet project where I can put all my random findings together in one place: book reviews, reading challenges, miscellaneous products for the book lover, upcoming events, or whatever has recently caught my eye in the publishing world!

I recently completed the Publishing program at Ryerson University. After working on numerous projects, I discovered my interests lie in marketing and publicity and not so much in the realm of editing – I’d much rather being talking about books than holed up with a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style! And so the blog is born, just one more place for me to share in my favourite subject.

My favourite genres include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural and Horror, and Classics (Graeco-Roman history and literature).  I try to keep current with recent bestsellers and a spattering of literary fiction.

Working at the University of Toronto Bookstore gives me ample opportunity to browse the shelves, and add to my ever-increasing “to read” list.


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